Saturday, January 20, 2018

Corsair "tanks" and a few additions for 8th edition

Fire Prisms (top left)and Wave Serpents:

These are converted from the Hornet chasis to represent either Fire Prisms or Wave Serpents (maybe Ravagers too). My Corsairs (originally from Saim-Hann and still closely tied to Craftworld tactics) use less heavy tanks, but have found ways to simulate similar affects as the Fire Prism and Wave serpent by using force shields and web way portal devices.

The Aether sails (probably traded for with their Dark Eldar cousins) project a field around the lighter chasis to give additional protection, essentially making them as tough as the true Craftworld counterparts. When used as a transport, a Web Way device (likely also taken from the Dark Kin) is attached to the lower hull. In this way the vehicle can drop off troops without risking them until needed.

Weapon Platforms:

I finally got a Guardian weapon platform I've been playing for almost a decade without one. I also use some extra bits to scratch build a D-cannon plafrom too.

Autarch Skyrunners w/ Laser lances, Reaper launchers and Banshee masks:
The jetbike Autarch has always been my favorite Eldar HQ. 8th edition finally make them a top choice.

Since I needed Troops for 8th (because my jetbikes no longer fill the role, I'm not bitter), I've started making some Rangers as they fit my "Outcast" theme a bit better.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Chaos Marine Project

Just like my Space Marine Chapters project, I've begun working on Chaos Marine Legions:

Chaos Space Marines

Black Legion w/ Terminator & Alpha Legion w/ Havoc:

Iron Warriors w/ Obliterator & Night Lords w/ Raptor:

Death Guard w/ Terminator & Thousand Sons w/ Sorcerer:

World Eater w/ Berserker Raptor & Emperors Children w/ Noise Marine:

Word Bearer, Crimson Slaughter & Red Corsair:

Sunday, September 24, 2017

40k Chess & misc

Update: Finished:

40K Chess: Imperials vs Traitor Legions:

Face off:

Line up:

Ammo, Fuel and Suppies objective:

All 18 Legions:

Lascannon Predator conversion (just magnetized extra Lascannons to my Razorback):