Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Belakor & more

I converted a plastic Belakor using a Vampire Count Varghiest and some Daemon Prince bitz:

Great Unclean One with Nurglings:

I decided to keep the diseased rat theme for my Nurglings.

Beasts of Nurgle/Plague Drones:

I oringinally converted these to be Beasts of Nurgle, but with 7th ed allowing the summoning of certain Daemon units, they can be used as Drones as well. Their bases are magnetized to be used in Fantasy as well.

Tzeentch Herald & Blue Horrors:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WrathKnights, Revenant, Sslyth & more


The arms are magnetized to swap out the options. I also used smaller guns for the Heavy Wraithcannons, since they have the same profile as a regular Wraithcannon with the range of a Brightlance. I don't like how big the actual weapons are (plus I needed them for he conversions below). I also modeled the Suncannon as a rifle. The farseer on the base is purely for esthetics.

Mounted Wraith "Knights"
Somewhere online, I saw a Wraithlord riding a Vyper as a Jetbike and had to do some of my own. Since my Eldar & Dark Eldar are models as Corsairs/Saim-hann, these Wraith "Knights" were right up my alley.

The increased mass of the Vyper jetbike can represent the extra wounds & jump MC status (too heavy to be an actual jetbike), the Ghostglaive represents the extra attack & strength, and the huge underslung Heavy Wraithcannon with mini-scope represents 2 Heavy Wraithcannons.

Revenant Titan conversion:

I converted this years ago as a Corsair Revenant Titan.

With the release of the 7th ed. Dark Eldar codex, I decided to ditch all 'Coven' units and go back to the core of my Corsiar 'mercenary' feel. So I coverted some SSlyth:

I used Wraithguard torsos, arms & guns ontop of Reaper Minis Medusae bodies, plus Lizardman heads. I modeled them to be used are Sslyth or count-as Wraithguard, using the back story of reptilian mercenaries that accompany the Phoenix Corsairs.

Warp Spiders:

I just re-converted my Fire-Dragon/Trueborn since Warp Spiders are just better now.

Corsair Special Weapons:

I needed more models to either use as Blaster Trueborn, or as Blaster warriors, so I converted Eldar Gaurdians with Dire Avenger plums & Wraithlord flamers.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wraith construct Tau allies

I have always loved the aesthetics of the Eldar Wraithlords & Wraithgaurd, but their limited mobility and range have been a deterrent for me to field them competitively. I recently decided to build some models and convert them to be used as Tau allies for my Eldar army.

The Fire Warriors (or 'Wraith Drones') are made from Necron warriors & greenstuff.

Iridium armoured Commander:

I used a Wraithlord and simply added a Jet-pack and some "missile pods".

Crisis Suits:

I used Wraithgaurd, again with Jet-packs & "missile pods". The center model has the Command & Control nod and Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite.


Used the same starting point as the Crisis suits, I added some extra armour plates and Typhoon missile launchers. I thought about using a different weapon for the Smart missiles, but since the actual Tau models use the same design for Smart missiles & Missile pods, I thought they looked fine.