Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wraith construct Tau allies

I have always loved the aesthetics of the Eldar Wraithlords & Wraithgaurd, but their limited mobility and range have been a deterrent for me to field them competitively. I recently decided to build some models and convert them to be used as Tau allies for my Eldar army.

The Fire Warriors (or 'Wraith Drones') are made from Necron warriors & greenstuff.

Iridium armoured Commander:

I used a Wraithlord and simply added a Jet-pack and some "missile pods".

Crisis Suits:

I used Wraithgaurd, again with Jet-packs & "missile pods". The center model has the Command & Control nod and Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite.


Used the same starting point as the Crisis suits, I added some extra armour plates and Typhoon missile launchers. I thought about using a different weapon for the Smart missiles, but since the actual Tau models use the same design for Smart missiles & Missile pods, I thought they looked fine.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LotR: Misc

The first models I even painted were Lord of the Rings. I don't own most of the armies I used to collect, but I did keep a few examples for sentimental reasons:

The Fellowshipp of the Ring:

High Elves:


Rohan w/ Royal Guard:

Isengard Uruk-hai:

Mordor Orcs:

LotR: Moria Goblin army

Lord of the Rings was the first GW game I ever played. I finally started digging through my old stuff and realized that I need to get some pics up here:

Moria Goblin Army:

Goblin Captains (1 is Durburz), Shamans, Prowlers & Drum:


Cave Trollss:

Warg Riders & Warg Chieftain: