Sunday, February 19, 2017

Flames of Tzeentch

Burning Chariot & Brimstone horrors:

Exalted Flamer and Furies/Flamers:

I made the Fury/Flamers out of AoS Spirit Hosts. I can either use them as the minimum Fury Auxiliary for an Incursion detachment, or as Flamers of Tzeentch to be summoned when needed. I decided they didn't need to be shooting flames since I painted them as made entirely out of greenish-blue flame.

Aeldari Daemons

I updated my Avatar of Khaine to also be used as an Avatar of Ynnead by giving him a large purple wraith sword. It works out that my original conversion is in a similar pose to the Yncarne:

I also made up some Dark Eldar Khymera as sacrificial distractions in a Reborn Warhost. Both the Yncarne & Khymera are the only "Eldar" Daemons, so it would seem fitting to put them together.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Space Marines Project continued

These are still work-in-progress, but I wanted to expand my "Space Marines of all Chapters" project to include some of the iconic Space Marines.

Finished Tactical Marines:

White Scars & Raven Guard:

The Angels of Death:

Space Wolves, Grey Knight & a Blood Raven Librarian:

Space Wolves coming soon