Saturday, December 8, 2018

My sons' Marines

Yep, passing on the torch. Both my sons have started their own Marine armies and officially have their first units painted:

Lieutenants (That I converted and painted for them as inspiration with their initials):

WIP video game playing Marines. As my boys a big into video games, I was inspired to convert this:

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Chaos Predator and Terminators

Black Legion Predator/Rhino:

Terminators from all 5 Space Marine Codices, all with iconic wargear
--Salamander Fire Drake from the main Space Marine Codex
--Deathwing from Dark Angels Codex
--Flesh Tearer successor from Blood Andels Codex
--Wolfguard/Lonewolf from the Space Wolf Codex
and a Grey Knight Terminator

And for Chaos I now have 1 from each codex and 1 from each god-aligned Legion:
--Black Legion, Emperor's Children & World Eater from the main Chaos Marine Codex
--Occult from Thousand Sons Codex
--Blightlord from Death Guard Codex

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Armies on Parade entry 2018

Decided to entry my 40K Chess set in this year's Armies on Parade.
I also wanted to showcase some of my "All Legions/Chapters Marines" so I built a 2'x2' display for the Chess board and some additional pieces:

Close up of each side:

Close up of the statue and the Daemons vs GKs:

Bonus: I was goofing around with my camera and Microsoft paint and came up with this:

This is how I might have done this chess project if it didn't first stem from my All Legions project.

UPDATE: Armies on Parade was a success! I won the gold medallion: