Saturday, July 16, 2016

Children of Khaine

Aspect Warriors and Avatar:

Various conversions of Exarchs

Banshee Succubus & Scorpion Incubi:

This unit is made of those Aspect Warriors that were once captured and made to fight in the Dark Eldar Wych arenas and Incubi temples. Once they were freed by my Corsairs they could not return to Craftworld life as they could no longer remove their War Mask but still wear symbols of their Aspect. The Incubi are converted using DE Kabalites with Hellion glaives, painted in the traditional Scorpion scheme. The Succubus still has parts of her Banshee armour and her power sword.

Fire Dragons/Warriors with Blasters:

I either field these as 1 unit of Fire Dragons, or use as Warriors with Blasters in my Venom squads. The model actually painted as a Fire Dragon can either be use just to represent the whole squad as Dragons, or as an Exarch.

Scourging Hawks:

This squad can be fielded as DE Scourges, or Eldar Swooping Hawks. The blue models represents the Swooping hawk leaders (thus would be the last model killed), or the non-special weapon DE Scourge (thus would be the first casualty).

Plastic Warp Spiders:

Made from Gaurdians, DE Shredders for the Exarch, Star cannon barrels for the rest & Necron DeathMark torso backs.

WIP Shining Spears/Warlocks on jetbikes:

Converted using Hellions, Star cannons as extra engines and various High Elf bits.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eldar Harliquins

I finally got around to painted some more Harlies.

Harliquin's "KISS"

I themed these 4 like the band KISS. They are made from Wood Elf bodies and oop Dark Eldar Warrior bits

Shadowseer & regular Harlies:

Her main body (and the mask at her hip) is from a Daemonette. And, of course more old DE bits.

Death "Joker" & a pair of "Harley Quinns":

These were made using plastic Dark Eldar Wyches + bits.

---Work-in-Progess--- Troupe Master & Solitaire:

Again made from DE Wyches and various bits. I don't have any particlur "theme" for them...yet.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Infernal Tetrad + more Daemons

With the Curse of the Wulfen came some interesting formations. In order to field an Infernal Tetrad, I am "demoting" all 4 of my Greater Daemons to be Daemon Princes. This is perfectly fine since most of my GDs are made from DP bits.

I added tattered insect wings to the GUO to represent Daemonic Flight. The KoS Princess doesn't need wings as Daemonic Flight doesn't "have" to be wings; she could have an ethereal type of movement.

Beastmen Bloodletters & Karanak conversion:

I have always wanted to use Beastmen as Bloodletters since they look like an older metal version of Letters.

Plague Hounds of Nurgle/ Rotten-flesh Hounds of Khorne:

Simple Vampire Count Dire Wolves painted green.