Friday, September 19, 2008

Jason's Ork Bikes

I do some commision paint work from now and then and here are some results. Jason, a local games store operator, or "games operation director" as he calls it, has some great Ork bikers that he had me paint.
Ork Bikers:

Ork Warboss conversion:

WazDakka conversion:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I know it isn't 40k, but Lizardmen are a fun Fantasy army. I just got started with them and finished all my models. I decided to go with a real reptile & amphibian paint scheme. Enjoy!

Saurus Warriors with full command painted like green iguanas:

Skinks painted like red-eyed tree frogs and (fittingly) poison dart frogs:

Scar-Veterans painted like jungle cats (jaugar & tiger):

Skink Priests converted from Skinks, Saurus banner feathers & Cold One Riders totems:
Kroxigors painted like crocodiles converted from plastic dinos and Saurus bits:

Terradons (no real animal scheme) converted from Saurus warriors, Pegasus wings and Skinks:

Cold One Riders:

Stegadon (no real animal scheme) converted from a plastic triceratops toy, Saurus banner and shield bits, skinks shield, Skinks and wood sticks for the howdah base:

Salamanders painted like fire-bellied newts (Skinks handlers painted like fire-bellied toads)converted from plastic dinos, skink shields and Saurus heads: