Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eldar Wraith'crons

I got some of my Wraith-construct Eldar finished. I should mention that these are "Count as" Necrons, but their backstory is an all Wraith-construct Eldar Craftworld.

The Eldar Craftworld Nekrauni was once full of talented Psykers almost to rival Ulthwe. Unfortunatley, a psychic virus ravaged their world, turning even those Eldar without extraordinary abilities deathly ill. Their only recourse was to construct many Wraithbone bodies for the survivors to enhabit, as the Wraithbone itself seemed immune to the virus.

Delving deeper into Wraith technology then sensible Eldar would dare, they made enough Ghost Warrior bodies and various Wraith drones to defend their Craftworld in its weaked state.

The virus not only took their bodies and damaged their minds, but ensured that no other Eldar would dare come near them, for fear of infection.

Whole army:

Wraith Overlords on Wraith chariots:

'counts as' Necron Overlord w/ Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave & Mind Shackle Scarabs. I felt that a Wraithlord and a 40mm base would fairly well represent an Overlord. The Command Barges are modified Vypers w/ magnetized Guass cannons and Quantuam Shielding (the dispertion shields).

Wraith Guard Court:

'counts as' Crypteks and a Lord (the one with the crest).

Ghost Warriors:

'counts as" Immortals. Simple converted Warriors with greensuff shoulder, knees and heads. I also used Dark Eldar splinter rifle barrels on their guns.

Night Scythes:

These are Night Spinner turrents with lots of extras put on them. I don't feel the need to rename them since Eldar have 'Night Spinners' & 'Night Wing' flyers.

Wraith Destroyer Lord with body guard:

'counts as' Destroyer Lord and Canoptek Wraiths. The lord took a bit to convert, but I am pleased with the outcome. The new Wraith models are so cool, I didn't feel like converting anything on them.

Wraiths Drone Sentries:

'counts as' Wraiths. I converted these out of Preatorian torso back halves and beads on a wire for their tails.

Wraith Spyders & Wraith Drones:

'counts as' Canoptek Spyders & Scarabs. I converted these Spyders before I had the Wraith-construct idea, but it worked out since I used Eldar and DE Talos bitz to make it. The legs are made from long beads.

Annihilation Barges:

The outside 2 are the same as the Command Barges. The center one is made the same as my Night Scythes, just with smaller 'wings'.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fantasy High Elf/Dark Elf army

I just wanted to update the pictures for this army before I delete all previous posts on it.

This is my Elf army that can count as either High Elves or Dark Elves. I decided to do this since so many of the units in both army books have the same (or very similar) stats & wargear.

The background revolves around a group of Elves that refused to choose sides during the Sundering. Deciding to flee Ulthuan with as many clutches of Dragon eggs as they can carry, they hide in secret, raising these Draklings and using magic to breed new species that would grow and multiply faster than normal Dragons.

Army shot with Books, magic cards & matching dice:

Lord Mage/Sorceress & Battle Standard Bearer:

The Lord is magnetized to be on foot, on steed, or on Eagle/Pegasus. The BSB can also fit on the Eagle/Pegasus base.

Lesser Mages/Sorceresses & Assassin:

Dragon Guard (counts as Phoenix Guard for HE, Black Gaurd for DE:


Archers/Crossbowmen & Bolt throwers:

Drakling Chariots (can count as any type of chariot):

River Dragons (counts as Dark Elf Hydras):

Avian Draks (counts as High Elf Eagles):

Friday, June 8, 2012

Draigowing army

Draigo w/ Paladin bodyguard & Hammerhand Marker:
All converted from the GK Terminator box (plus a few random bitz I had)


Psyfleman Dreadnoughts:

Venerable Dreadnought/ DreadKnight:

Inquisitor in Terminator armour & Techmarine:

Friday, March 30, 2012

Display Boards

I finally got inspired to make some display boards. I was going to make 1 generic board for all my armies, but since my Daemons & Grey Knights have the same basing, as do my Eldar & Dark Eldar, I decided to make 2 boards that each matched those schemes.

Daemon & Grey Knight Board:

Simple snow basing with a few casualties to spice it up.

Eldar Corsair Board:

This board is the more unique of the 2. I have been basing my Eldar & Dark Eldar with a bit of wraithbone showing through debris & grass, now you can see the overall look I was going for: a ruined Eldar city, possible on an abandoned Craftworld or Exodite world.

I have Dark Eldar on the left & Eldar on the right, although all are Corsairs.