Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fantasy High Elf/Dark Elf army

I just wanted to update the pictures for this army before I delete all previous posts on it.

This is my Elf army that can count as either High Elves or Dark Elves. I decided to do this since so many of the units in both army books have the same (or very similar) stats & wargear.

The background revolves around a group of Elves that refused to choose sides during the Sundering. Deciding to flee Ulthuan with as many clutches of Dragon eggs as they can carry, they hide in secret, raising these Draklings and using magic to breed new species that would grow and multiply faster than normal Dragons.

Army shot with Books, magic cards & matching dice:

Lord Mage/Sorceress & Battle Standard Bearer:

The Lord is magnetized to be on foot, on steed, or on Eagle/Pegasus. The BSB can also fit on the Eagle/Pegasus base.

Lesser Mages/Sorceresses & Assassin:

Dragon Guard (counts as Phoenix Guard for HE, Black Gaurd for DE:


Archers/Crossbowmen & Bolt throwers:

Drakling Chariots (can count as any type of chariot):

River Dragons (counts as Dark Elf Hydras):

Avian Draks (counts as High Elf Eagles):