Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jedi conversion

As I am a huge Star Wars fan, I am definitely hyped up for the new "Force Awakens" movie. Long before I was a 40K hobbyist, I made costumes. This post combines all 3: Star Wars, 40k & costumes:

This is made primarily out of a Wood Elf glade guard, with Necron green rods as the lightsabers. The costume below it is my home-made Jedi: Gle-Nal Jefori. And those photos were not edited, the lightsabers I own really look like that when taken in mid-low light without a flash.

The Stormtroopers behind the Jedi are simply made from Eldar Guardians with Space Marine heads (the gun is shaved down as well to look more like a blaster)