Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Lord of Change WIP and various Tzeentch

I got the new plastic LoC model and have started working on it. The first thing I've done is use left over bits to update my Tzeentch Daemon Prince/Fateweaver model:

In the top left picture, if the Lord of Change and FateWeaver for the Omniscient Oracles formation. In the bottom left, I have magnetizes that large book so that I can use them as Magnus and a Tzeentch Daemon Prince I am far from finished, but I want the LoC to be painted very similar to Magnus the Red so I have to option to use his rules to represent a more powerful LoC called "Sungam the Magenta" or something like that.

Burning Chariot & Brimstone horrors:

Exalted Flamer and Furies/Flamers:

I made the Fury/Flamers out of AoS Spirit Hosts. I can either use them as the minimum Fury Auxiliary for an Incursion detachment, or as Flamers of Tzeentch to be summoned when needed. I decided they didn't need to be shooting flames since I painted them as made entirely out of greenish-blue flame.

Tzeentch Daemon Princes:

Made from Vampire Count Flayers, Reaper miniature wings, a Necron Warscythe, various High Elf bits and plenty of green-stuff.