Friday, March 30, 2012

Display Boards

I finally got inspired to make some display boards. I was going to make 1 generic board for all my armies, but since my Daemons & Grey Knights have the same basing, as do my Eldar & Dark Eldar, I decided to make 2 boards that each matched those schemes.

Daemon & Grey Knight Board:

Simple snow basing with a few casualties to spice it up.

Eldar Corsair Board:

This board is the more unique of the 2. I have been basing my Eldar & Dark Eldar with a bit of wraithbone showing through debris & grass, now you can see the overall look I was going for: a ruined Eldar city, possible on an abandoned Craftworld or Exodite world.

I have Dark Eldar on the left & Eldar on the right, although all are Corsairs.