Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Chaos Marine Project

Just like my Space Marine Chapters project, I've begun working on Chaos Marine Legions:

Chaos Space Marines

Black Legion w/ Terminator & Alpha Legion w/ Havoc:

Iron Warriors w/ Obliterator & Night Lords w/ Raptor:

Death Guard w/ Terminator & Thousand Sons w/ Sorcerer:

World Eater w/ Berserker Raptor & Emperors Children w/ Noise Marine:

Word Bearer & Crimson Slaughter:

Sunday, September 24, 2017

40k Chess

Still a Work in Progress, but here's a sneak peak:

40K Chess: Imperials vs Traitor Legions:

Face off:

Line up:

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Space Marines Project Complete...for now

I've added vehicles to the collection. I now have a Tactical Marine equivalent for each of the 9 main legion chapters + something special that each chapter is known for.

Here's the whole gang:

With some helmet close ups:

Ultramarine Rhino/Razor Back:

Iron Hands w/ Dreadnought & Imperial Fists w/ Successors:

White Scars w/ Bike & Raven Guard w/ Assault Marine:

Dark Angels w/ Deathwing & Ravenwing & Blood Angel w/ Assault Marine:

Space Wolves w/ Wolf Guard/Lone Wolf & Salamanders w/ Flamer & Multimelta:

Grey Knight Terminator & Blood Raven Librarian:

Ultramarine Primaris Marine (face is modeled after me)

And Finally, an update to the Plasma Overcharging Marine. I repainted him to be a mix of Deathwatch & Legion of the Damned:

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ynnari Character, vehicles and Wraiths

Yvraine & Yncarne:

These are my 'counts as' Ynnari characters

Hornet chasis 'counts as' Ravagers/Wave Serpents:

I wanted some unique skimmers to go with my Corsair themed Saim-Hann Ynnari. The top picture are Ravagers w/ Lances. The bottom picture are Wave Serpents. The Serpents are unique because they do not physically carry troops, but instead have a Webway Portal emitter. Below is the size comparison for in-game measurement purposes.

And my favorite models, Wraithlord riding Vyper jetbikes. This edition they have been updated with larger wing fins for use as Hemlock Wraithfighters. I think it's the best fit for them.

But they are still magnetized for use as WraithKnights. Afterall, that was what they were originally converted for. I like the idea of them as Skathach WKs

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Finished Lord of Change, Daemon Princes and other Tzeentch

Exalted Lord of Change:

Converted to be an Exalted Lord of Change that can use Magnus's rules

Daemon Princes of Chaos:

Made from Minotaurs with Vargheist wings, these models are made to look like undivided Princes that could be played as any alignment, particularly Nurgle or Tzeentch.

Chariots of Tzeentch & the Changeling:

Chariots are being pulled by fiery "Griff-hounds".

Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Lord of Change WIP and various Tzeentch

I got the new plastic LoC model and have started working on it. The first thing I've done is use left over bits to update my Tzeentch Daemon Prince/Fateweaver model:

In the top left picture, if the Lord of Change and FateWeaver for the Omniscient Oracles formation. In the bottom left, I have magnetizes that large book so that I can use them as Magnus and a Tzeentch Daemon Prince I am far from finished, but I want the LoC to be painted very similar to Magnus the Red so I have to option to use his rules to represent a more powerful LoC called "Sungam the Magenta" or something like that.

Burning Chariot & Brimstone horrors:

Exalted Flamer and Furies/Flamers:

I made the Fury/Flamers out of AoS Spirit Hosts. I can either use them as the minimum Fury Auxiliary for an Incursion detachment, or as Flamers of Tzeentch to be summoned when needed. I decided they didn't need to be shooting flames since I painted them as made entirely out of greenish-blue flame.

Tzeentch Daemon Princes:

Made from Vampire Count Flayers, Reaper miniature wings, a Necron Warscythe, various High Elf bits and plenty of green-stuff.