Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phoenix Corsairs (part 2): Fate of the Aspects

As mentioned in Part 1, Aspect Warriors captured by Dark Eldar are favoured for the Wych arenas & Incubi shrines. Forced to be the prey in their ceremonies & spectacles, Aspect Warriors can no longer take off the War-mask of their psyche. Aspects that survive for long find themselves becoming Dark Eldar. Those that rarely earn enough respect can be bought as mercenaries during real-space raids.

The Phoenix Corsairs deal exclusively with these former Aspects. Buying their services from the Wych cults & Incubi, the Phoenix Corsairs often find ways to enlist the Aspects permanently. Though they can never return to Craftworld life, working as Corsairs seems more preferred to captivity in Commorragh.

Succubus w/ Agoniser:

This is the Lileth model with an Agoniser & Eldar power weapon. The fluff for her is that she was once a Howling Banshee Exarch, but was captured and forced to fight in the Wych arenas. After surviving for so long she earned a bit of prestige among the Wyches. Learning from the Wyches and training in secret, this "Banshee Succubus" rallied the other Aspect captives in a revolt that lead to their freedom as mercenaries for the Saim-Hann Corsairs. She still wears the little remaining pieces of her Banshee armour as a reminder to all fellow fallen Aspects.


Banshees are almost always captured for the Wych Arenas, thus why they now fight like Wyches. These models are converted from old DE Warriors w/ Deamonette heads & Black Ark Corsair weapons. The 2 Hekatrix are made from the new Raider passengers & new Agonisers.

Kabalite Avengers:

Converted from Gaudians w/ Scourge Heads, these are Dire Avengers/Kabalite Warriors.
Bottom Right:Painting in the true Avenger scheme, Avenger Exarch.
Bottom Left: Kabalite Warrior w/ Blaster

Fire Dragon Trueborn:

Made from old Warrior Splinter cannon models and painted as Fire Dragons.

Scorpion Incubi:

I used Kabalite Warriors, old Raider blades, old Warrior plumes & chaos warhound scorpion tails.

The backstory for these guys is that they are former Striking Scorpions that were captured and taken as slaves. Favored by the Incubi, they were used in many Incubi training rituals. Those that survived for long became tainted with bloodlust. On one of the Phoenix Corsairs' trading expeditions into Commorragh, many of the surviving Scorpions were enlisted as mercenaries.

No longer able to return as noble Aspect Warriors, the Scorpions wear Incudi armour adorned with scorpion tails as a symbol of their former lives. Forever part of the Phoenix Corsairs.

Dark Eldar Transports, Raiders & Venoms:

I took my old Raiders, gave them an updated look and added some sails..

Dark Eldar Voidraven:

I had to get the new Razorwing model. I converted it to be a VoidRaven by magetizing some Pulse Lasers as Void Lances.