Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jedi conversion

As I am a huge Star Wars fan, I am definitely hyped up for the new "Force Awakens" movie. Long before I was a 40K hobbyist, I made costumes. This post combines all 3: Star Wars, 40k & costumes:

This is made primarily out of a Wood Elf glade guard, with Necron green rods as the lightsabers. The costume below it is my home-made Jedi: Gle-Nal Jefori. And those photos were not edited, the lightsabers I own really look like that when taken in mid-low light without a flash.

The Stormtroopers behind the Jedi are simply made from Eldar Guardians with Space Marine heads (the gun is shaved down as well to look more like a blaster)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eldar Corsair Update

Just updating some of the most recent additions/alterations for my Corsairs:

Fallen Aspect Warriors:

As my Corsairs don't use "true" Aspect warriors, but rather former Aspects that have escaped from slavery in Commorragh, I do have some models painted in the Aspect scheme. These represent the few individuals who have retained their armour and wargear and act as leaders for their squads.

Windriders with some Scatter laser:


The front 2 corner models are equipped with Caltrops (the spear). Or the whole unit can be fielded as a Seer Council.

Dark Eldar transports:

The outside models are Venoms, of course. The center model uses a Harlequin Starweaver with an extended rear with DE Raider bitz to represent a Corsair Raider. It will be the main transport for my Succubus & Sslyth mercenaries.

Wave Serpents with added Phoenix Icons:

Night Spinner/Fire Prism/Wave Serpent:

This model is magneted to represent any Eldar tank. I usually use it as a Night Spinner.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Necron Canoptek units

Canoptek Spiders & Scarabs:

Canoptek Wraith Conversions (work in progress):

These are converted by using Lych Guard/Preatorian boxes.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Painting: Daemonettes

I finally got around to doing a step-by-step painting guide.
For this guide, I will show how I painted some Daemonettes

STEP 1:Priming

After priming the models Grey, I drybrushed them white. This helps pick out the high points & created a contrast that later washes will benefit from.

STEP 2:Base Coat

At this stage, I painted the cloth & hair of the model. The hair actually took 2 layers to get consistency. For the Black & Purple, I watered down the paint very slightly (between 90/10 & 80/20). This gives the paint a bit of translucence. As these areas are mostly next to details that will painted later, I didn't worry too much about "staying in the lines"

STEP 3: First Details

Just before the main wash, I wanted to pick out some areas that I know will be darker. In this case around the eyes & the claws. This is also a good stage to paint the Silver details. I used a medium Silver as the brightest Silver will be used later as highlight.

STEP 4: The Wash

This is the easiest step. Just wash the whole model.

STEP 5: Highlights

Often washes will turn out a little too dark. Using highlight can make this work for you. I dry brushed the pink on the hair & carefully went over the silver areas, making sure to leave the deeper parts untouched. For the skin, I used a mix of White & the same Purple wash used earlier. This will ensure that the correct tone is achieve, thereby making the blend better. Where desired, I added more White to the mix to pick out special areas, like facial features and larger areas of smooth skin.

STEP 6...ish: Minor Details

At this point, I start filling in things like, claws, teeth, eyes and other details. For the claws, I base it a Tan/Cream/Khaki color, then wash with a 60/40 mix of Black/water. As Daemonettes have soulless eyes, I simply used a metallic Green to color the whole eye within the darkened area.

STEP 7: Done

With the details done, I color the rim of the base & glue sand.

I hope you enjoyed this peak into how I paint.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Grey Knight Terminator army

With the 7th ed Codex, I decided to update my Grey Knights:

Grey Knight HQs:

Both models are magnetized. The top picture is a Librarian & Kaldor Draigo, the bottom picture has them swapped as Grand Masters.

Dread Knights:


As you can see, they are magnetized to swap out weapons.

Terminators & Paladins:

I tried to avoid making a clear distinction between them as I have lists that are all Terminators, or a mix of Paladins & Termies. In my mixed lists, I distinguish them by which units have Apothecaries/more Psycannons.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Space Marine Project Finished

I finished my "Paint all space marines" project. It took 10 days start to finish.

First, a Work-in-Progress picture:

And the finished products:

Close ups:

And a comical conversion:"Plasma Guns: Totally worth it!"

UPDATE: Crimson Fist w/ Heavy Bolter:

WIP Bikes: (from left to right) Blood Ravens Librarian, White Scar & Ravenwing: