Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eldar Corsair Update

Just updating some of the most recent additions/alterations for my Corsairs:

Fallen Aspect Warriors:

As my Corsairs don't use "true" Aspect warriors, but rather former Aspects that have escaped from slavery in Commorragh, I do have some models painted in the Aspect scheme. These represent the few individuals who have retained their armour and wargear and act as leaders for their squads.

Windriders with some Scatter laser:


The front 2 corner models are equipped with Caltrops (the spear). Or the whole unit can be fielded as a Seer Council.

Dark Eldar transports:

The outside models are Venoms, of course. The center model uses a Harlequin Starweaver with an extended rear with DE Raider bitz to represent a Corsair Raider. It will be the main transport for my Succubus & Sslyth mercenaries.

Wave Serpents with added Phoenix Icons:

Night Spinner/Fire Prism/Wave Serpent:

This model is magneted to represent any Eldar tank. I usually use it as a Night Spinner.

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