Monday, October 7, 2013

Chaos Warp Rift (Landing Pad), Heldrake & more

Converted Warp Rift that I made to use as a Skyshield Landing Pad:


Converted from a High Elf Dragon and Chaos bits. I wanted a more Daemonic (i.e. organic-looking) Heldrake since I will be playing a very small Chaos Space Marine detachment, with just a Daemon Prince, Cultists (using lesser daemons) & a Heldrake.


I updated these with Chaos Warrior hand weapons to replace the Helblades I had on them from when I used them as Bloodletter-ettes in the last edition.

Pink Horrors:

Converted using Lizardmen Skink bodies & arms w/ WoodElf Dryad heads & arms.

Typhus & Cultists:

I converted a Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Lord to use as either Typhus or a Nurgle Herald.

Classic Daemonettes & Slaanesh alter:

WIP Chaos Knight:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eldar Corsair HQ's and Aegis

As you may have read in my previous posts, I use Eldar and Dark Eldar allies to represent Corsair Eldar without using the Imperial Armour rules. Now that the Eldar Codex has dropped, I have gone back to my roots and am playing a primary Eldar force (with occasionally DE allies).

My lastest endeavor has been to update my HQ's. I always field an HQ on Skyrunner jetbike. This is my Autarch Skyrunner & Farseer

These are all my Farseers/Warlocks. The Autarch Skyrunner and Farseer on foot have magnetized head to swap out options.

Baron Sathonyx (no longer playable) & Heamonculus:

Eldar Aegis and Quadgun:

Converted from various Eldar bits. I quite like how it looks on my display board.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daemons Updated

Every time a new Armybook/Codex comes out, it inevitably changes my army. The new Daemons are no different. Here's an update on some of the models/new units I have changed/added. Most of the models are no different, although I repainted their bases a uniform bronze color.


Herald of Khorne and Fleshhounds:

Fateweaver/Lord of Change and Tzeentch Heralds:


These are new to my collection and are converted from Tyranid Gargoyles, various Daemon bits and green stuff.


Most are the same, although I added 2 new unit champions made from spare Bloodletters.

Diseased Fiends (Beasts of Nurgle):

These used to be my Fiends of Slaanesh, but since they got a bit of a nerf in both 40K and Fantasy, while Beasts of Nurgle got buffed in both, I just converted them.

Nurgle Soulgrinder:

I decided to cut down to 1 Soulgrinder, so I sold my 2 converted 'grinders for the real deal. I based him on the Fantasy base so that I can use it to determine AV sides.


Scratch-build Keeper of Secrets:

Aside form the Deamonettes on the base and a few bits, she is 85% greenstuff.

Daemon Prince w/ Wings & Armour:

Hopefully I have converted/painted this Daemon Prince so that I can use him as a Nurgle, Tzeentch or Slaanesh Prince.