Monday, October 7, 2013

Chaos Warp Rift (Landing Pad), Heldrake & more

Converted Warp Rift that I made to use as a Skyshield Landing Pad:


Converted from a High Elf Dragon and Chaos bits. I wanted a more Daemonic (i.e. organic-looking) Heldrake since I will be playing a very small Chaos Space Marine detachment, with just a Daemon Prince, Cultists (using lesser daemons) & a Heldrake.


I updated these with Chaos Warrior hand weapons to replace the Helblades I had on them from when I used them as Bloodletter-ettes in the last edition.

Pink Horrors:

Converted using Lizardmen Skink bodies & arms w/ WoodElf Dryad heads & arms.

Typhus & Cultists:

I converted a Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Lord to use as either Typhus or a Nurgle Herald.

Classic Daemonettes & Slaanesh alter:

WIP Chaos Knight:

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