Thursday, September 17, 2009

David's Black Templar Terminator

The Deciever and updated Necrons

I started playing my Necrons again and finally broke my conviction to never play special characters. I find the Deciever adds sooo much to my army. I also started using Tomb Spyders, so I had to make some. Necrons that actually want a close combat phase, who knew?

The Deciever:

Necron Lords:

Scratch built Monoliths and Tomb Spyders:

Objective markers and Dice Obelisk:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Matt's Imperial Fists

I finally finished Matt's Imperial Fists after over a month of work. I am rather proud of how they came out.

Lysander, Librarian & Terminators:

Tactical Squads:

Landraiders & Speeders:

Predator & Vindicator:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Josh's Dwarves & Brandon's Wood Elves

Josh's Dwarves

Pistoleers, Crossbowmen, Hammerers & IronBreakers:

Warriors & Slayers:

Grude thrower & Bolt Throwers:

Brandon's Wood Elves have an autumn theme

Glade Riders & Guard:

Wild Riders & Wardancers:


Treemen & Treekin:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Damon's Red Corsairs

Chaos Marines & Rhino:


Possessed Marines:


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leaping Lizards!

I finally got a Slann after playing Suarus based lists for so long. It was difficult to decide on how to paint him as I had 3 schemes in mind. In the end I decided to go with all 3 schemes, painting the Slann like a fire-bellied toad, his attendant as a red-eyed treefrog and the little frogs on his palanquin like poison-dart frogs. I also painted the lizards on his palanquin like blue-tailed skinks and the snake as a coral snake.

Did more conversions for Saurus & Skink characters on foot.

Jaguar Charm Saurus & Skink Chief:

All my Suarus characters:

To-Neh of the TygraHuan:

To-Neh of the TygraHuan was spawned in the temple city of Tlaxtlan, City of the Moon. The eve that To-Neh emerged from his spawning pool, the Silver Moon of the world was clouded by a yellow-orange haze. The Skink Priest astromancers of Tlaxtlan saw this as an omen they call TygraHuan, or the Tyger Moon, so named for the cat-like jungle beasts that hunt more fiercely during such celestial events.

Like all Saurus Leaders, To-Neh was spawned alone signifying his destiny as a great warrior. With the Great Catastrophe that brought Chaos into the world and the Chaos Moon, the City of Tlaxtlan dwindled in power. To-Neh lead many small battles to defend the city during these times, but mysteriously disappeared during a TygraHuan.

Legend says that To-Neh was invoked by the TygraHuan to hunt down the minions of Chaos just as the tygers of the jungle hunt their prey, silently stalking them, waiting for the right time to pounce.

Recent tales have begun to speak of a jungle predator stalking the jungles near Tlaxtlan and an increase of the yellow-orange haze causing more TygraHuan events. Some say To-Neh has returned, gathering his army and searching for an long lost treasure that has the power to finally dispel the Chaos Moon so that the astromancers of Tlaxtlan can finally decipher the Old Ones great plan.
: I changed my Scar-vet to be magnetized as a Battle Standard bearer, or even an OldBlood on the Horned One. I also altered my jaguar Charm Saurus (new feathers, more decoration on feet, different weapon, etc.