Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eldar Harliquins

I finally got around to painted some more Harlies.

Harliquin's "KISS"

I themed these 4 like the band KISS. They are made from Wood Elf bodies and oop Dark Eldar Warrior bits

Shadowseer & regular Harlies:

Her main body (and the mask at her hip) is from a Daemonette. And, of course more old DE bits.

Death "Joker" & a pair of "Harley Quinns":

These were made using plastic Dark Eldar Wyches + bits.

---Work-in-Progess--- Troupe Master & Solitaire:

Again made from DE Wyches and various bits. I don't have any particlur "theme" for them...yet.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Infernal Tetrad & Daemons Aligned

With the Curse of the Wulfen came some interesting formations. In order to field an Infernal Tetrad, I am "demoting" all 4 of my Greater Daemons to be Daemon Princes. This is perfectly fine since most of my GDs are made from DP bits.

I added tattered insect wings to the GUO to represent Daemonic Flight. The KoS Princess doesn't need wings as Daemonic Flight doesn't "have" to be wings; she could have an ethereal type of movement.

Icons, Familiars & Furies:

SoulGrinders (typically Slaanesh):

I wanted to take group photos of my Daemons aligned by god: