Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LotR: Misc

The first models I even painted were Lord of the Rings. I don't own most of the armies I used to collect, but I did keep a few examples for sentimental reasons:

The Fellowshipp of the Ring:

High Elves:


Rohan w/ Royal Guard:

Isengard Uruk-hai:

Mordor Orcs:

The Balrog:

LotR: Moria Goblin army

Lord of the Rings was the first GW game I ever played. I finally started digging through my old stuff and realized that I need to get some pics up here:

Moria Goblin Army:

Goblin Captains (1 is Durburz), Shamans, Prowlers & Drum:


Cave Trollss:

Warg Riders & Warg Chieftain:

LotR: Dwarves

I have had Lord of the Rings models for years now, but I finally got around to taking photos.

Dwarf Army:

Dwarf King (Gimli model), Captain and Banners:

Dwarf Warriors:

Iron Guard, Khazad Guard & Vault Wardens:

Dwarf Rangers:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lizardmen part 1

I haven't played Lizardmen in a few years, but with the new book out, I felt it was time to restart my Lizardmen (which is the only army I've ever regretted selling). Just to get things started, here is my first completed minis:

The Slann is completely scratch-built. I made the Palanquin out of Styrofoam pieces then added some Lizardmen bitz. The Slann is all greenstuff, except for his waving hand (which is a Chaos Spawn hand) and the dangling bits on his chest, lip and ...ears.

Skink Priest & Saurus Lord on Cold One:

The Skink Priest next to him is converted using a Kroot body with Lizardmen bitz. The tail and mask are greenstuff. The Saurus Character is just a Cold One Cavalry model with some extra bits and the Bloodletter head from a Grey Knight set.

Skink paint schemes:

Almost all my Lizardmen are going to be painted like real reptiles and amphibians.

Skink/Kroxigor unit:

Most of the Skinks are the old tiny models because they rank-up better. The Krox are plastic dino bodies with greenstuff arms and Cold One heads. I modeled them and the "unit-filler" to be wading through a small pond. The Krox are painted like crocodiles


I converted these from Tyranid Gargoyles & Saurus bitz. The bloat toads I made out of greenstuff. I painted them to look like a winged lizard I found on google.

Salamander Hunting packs:

I again used plastic dinos and Saurus bitz. I modeled them to be wading through water and painted them like Fire-bellied Newts and their handlers like Fire-bellied Toads.

Saurur & Temple Guard command groups:

All my Saurus will be painted like Iguanas, with the Temple Guard being a little paler. Part 2 will have all my Saurus units finished.