Thursday, January 29, 2015

Painting: Daemonettes

I finally got around to doing a step-by-step painting guide.
For this guide, I will show how I painted some Daemonettes

STEP 1:Priming

After priming the models Grey, I drybrushed them white. This helps pick out the high points & created a contrast that later washes will benefit from.

STEP 2:Base Coat

At this stage, I painted the cloth & hair of the model. The hair actually took 2 layers to get consistency. For the Black & Purple, I watered down the paint very slightly (between 90/10 & 80/20). This gives the paint a bit of translucence. As these areas are mostly next to details that will painted later, I didn't worry too much about "staying in the lines"

STEP 3: First Details

Just before the main wash, I wanted to pick out some areas that I know will be darker. In this case around the eyes & the claws. This is also a good stage to paint the Silver details. I used a medium Silver as the brightest Silver will be used later as highlight.

STEP 4: The Wash

This is the easiest step. Just wash the whole model.

STEP 5: Highlights

Often washes will turn out a little too dark. Using highlight can make this work for you. I dry brushed the pink on the hair & carefully went over the silver areas, making sure to leave the deeper parts untouched. For the skin, I used a mix of White & the same Purple wash used earlier. This will ensure that the correct tone is achieve, thereby making the blend better. Where desired, I added more White to the mix to pick out special areas, like facial features and larger areas of smooth skin.

STEP 6...ish: Minor Details

At this point, I start filling in things like, claws, teeth, eyes and other details. For the claws, I base it a Tan/Cream/Khaki color, then wash with a 60/40 mix of Black/water. As Daemonettes have soulless eyes, I simply used a metallic Green to color the whole eye within the darkened area.

STEP 7: Done

With the details done, I color the rim of the base & glue sand.

I hope you enjoyed this peak into how I paint.

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