Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Phoenix Corsairs (part 1)

With the new Dark Eldar codex exploding with new fluff & rules, I decided it would be a good time for an army-wide revamp. I have been playing Eldar since mid-4th ed. and then 1-2 years later I started playing Dark Eldar (late 4th ed).

My army is a Corsair fleet that was formally a Wild Rider Clan from Saim-Hann. Too wild-tempered and foolhardy even for Saim-Hann, the young Pheonix Clan set out on a self-imposed exile form their Craftworld home, eventually growing large enough to be called a small Corsair fleet.

After some time during their exile, the Phoenix Corsairs found themselves often taking port in Commorragh, trading supplies and enlisting mercenaries for their Raids. They often trade for Eldar slaves in order to free them & return them to their homes.

When Dark Eldar take Eldar slaves, Aspect warriors are taken to the Wych arenas and Incubi Shrines, for what better quarry is to be had than fellow warrior Eldar. Former Aspect warriors freed by the Corsairs are often tainted by their time spent in Commoragh, behaving in a more primal way. Banshees act more like Wyches, Scorpions like Incubi, Fire Dragons like Trueborn, Dire Avengers like Kabalite Warriors, etc. These warriors are more likely to join the Corsairs as they can no longer take part in Craftworld society.

In this way, the Phoenix Corsair fleet grows and becomes stronger, yet forms into something that exists between Eldar & Dark Eldar; never able to return to their Craftworld homes, nor able to fit in with Commorrite society.

To update the army, I got a few new kit and used the bitz on a few select models. It has been a HUGE project and I am only half way thru, but here is what I have so far.

Farseer w/ singing spear:

As Psykers tend to not survive long in Commorragh without being torturted, this Farseer is one that was part of the original Saim-hann clan.

Warlocks on Jetbikes:

Converted mostly out of Shining Spears. The middle "Witch" is just that, a Wych. She is my Enhance Warlock, but instead on using a Warlock power to boost the squad, she uses drugs.

Haemonculi w/ Liquifier guns & Venom blades:

Converted using Daemonette torsos, Dark Eldar Scourge heads & Talos bits. These 'Haemoculi' are actually former Farseers that were taken to Commorragh and tortuted until their psychic abilities were all but spent. It is only be chance that they escaped the Dungeons on the Dark City to join the Phoenix Corsairs.


Converted from Empire Flaggelants with Dark Eldar bits and Necron green rods coming out of their backs. These 'Wracks' are other Eldar Psykers, mostly Warlocks that have been rescued by the Corsairs. As for Rules, Warlock powers like Destructor & Embolden are represented by Wrack upgrades like Liquifiers & Acothysts.


I usually run 2 units of 6, with either 2 Shuricannons or 2 Blasters depending on if I am playing with Eldar or Dark Eldar rules.

Eldar Tanks:

Top: EML Wave Serpents
Bottom: Falcons/Fire Prims
All tanks are fully magnetized.



Avatar, Objectives & Webway Portal:

The Avatar is made for the Necron Deciever model. I have no fluff for him, nor do I ever play an Avatar, he just looks cool.

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