Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daemons of Chaos

As you have seen from my other armies, I like duel-purpose armies (Eldar=Dark Eldar, High Elves=Dark Elves), so an army that I could use in Fantasy & 40K was too much for me to resist. I will have all 4 Chaos Gods represented in my army

Bloodthirster of Khorne:

I used my old Balrog conversion to make this. I switched the wings and added a khorne symbol. I then added arms from the new plastic Daemon Prince

Fateweaver (Fantasy only):

Again I used parts from the plastic Daemon Prince, the heads are Dark Elf Cold One heads with greenstuff beaks. The tail is made from a wire covereg in hot glue.

Heralds of Tzeentch on Burning Chariots:

The Herald is a Bloodletter that has been modified. The chariots are just plastic sharks with Daemon bitz on them drawing an upside down flying stand base with fire added to it. They are magnetized for storeage and Fantasy (if the Herard or Chariot dies before the other).

Handmaidens of Khorne (or Bloodletterettes):

These are Daemonettes converted to be used as Bloodletters in 40K. I wanted to use only Daemonettes for my Core/Troops, but Bloodletters are such a better choice in 40K that I had to convert them. This way I can have the models that attracted to play Daemons, but use the stats of the units that will keep me playing. Also note that my icon/musicians are actually Bloodletters to help avoid confusion in-game.

Plaquebearers with BSB Herald on Palanquin(for Fantasy):

Aside from the command models, I wanted to use Plaguemonks as my Plague bearers. These are my only Core units in Fantasy, so I have ALOT of them. The work great as objective grabbers in 40K as well.

Flesh Hounds of Khorne:

These are simply Chaos Warhounds with the left-over Bloodletter horns and Daemonette tails from my other conversions.

Flamers of Tzeentch:

These are made from plastic Bloodletters & greenstuff (mostly hot glue). The flames are hair bitz from various kits.

Fiends of Slaanesh:

I used Tyranid Gaunt bodies with Daemonette Champion claws. I wanted more feminine centaur-like Fiends. The Unholy might Fiend for 40k is made from a Seeker.

Soulgrinders (40k only). For these I wanted to have something from all gods. The red muscles and scales are of Khorne, the green slime and boils are of Nurgle, the purple claws is of Slaanesh, and the blue flaming soul/sprite is of Tzeentch:

These are WOW Murlocs hacked up and glued to Defiler/Soul grinder spare bitz. The flame sprite is a Hero clix. I used Testors plastic cement to make the drool & puss.

Nurgle Prince (40K only):

Again I use the plastic Daemon Prince bitz. The tail is made the same as Fateweavers.

Herald of Khorne with Standard:

I used a Knight of Chaos with a Bloodletter head & hands.

Tzeentch Princes (40K only):

I uses Chaos Spawn bodies and used extra Daemon Prince parts to bulk them up. I particularly like the eyes, which were part of the Spawn bitz, with some greenstuff. Notice the Grey Knight helmets on their base.

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