Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WraithKnights, Revenant, Sslyth & more


The arms are magnetized to swap out the options. I also used smaller guns for the Heavy Wraithcannons, since they have the same profile as a regular Wraithcannon with the range of a Brightlance. I don't like how big the actual weapons are (plus I needed them for the conversions below). I also modeled the Suncannon barrel into the Glaive.

Mounted Wraith "Knights"
Somewhere online, I saw a Wraithlord riding a Vyper as a Jetbike and had to do some of my own. Since my Eldar & Dark Eldar are models as Corsairs/Saim-hann, these Wraith "Knights" were right up my alley.

The increased mass of the Vyper jetbike can represent the extra wounds & jump MC status (too heavy to be an actual jetbike), the Ghostglaive represents the extra attack & strength, and the huge underslung Heavy Wraithcannon with mini-scope represents 2 Heavy Wraithcannons.

UPDATE: This edition they have been updated with larger wing fins for use as Hemlock Wraithfighters. I think it's the best fit for them. I also updated their paintjob to better suit my current scheme

But they are still magnetized for use as WraithKnights. Afterall, that was what they were originally converted for. I like the idea of them as Skathach WKs

I converted this years ago as a Corsair Revenant Titan.

With the release of the 7th ed. Dark Eldar codex, I decided to ditch all 'Coven' units and go back to the core of my Corsiar 'mercenary' feel. So I coverted some SSlyth:

I used Wraithguard torsos, arms & guns ontop of Reaper Minis Medusae bodies, plus Lizardman heads. I modeled them to be used are Sslyth or count-as Wraithguard, using the back story of reptilian mercenaries that accompany the Phoenix Corsairs.

Vauls Support Battery made from Necron Destroyer bodies and other spare bitz I had:

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